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Air-conditioner - Capacitor - 442257

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Capacitor - 5MF (442006 - Square)

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Capacitor - 5MF (442006 - Square)

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Model number CDS052H, CDS070H, CDS125HX, CDS145HX, CGS058H, CGS069H, CUE0909RC, CUE0912RC, CUE0912RCA, CUE1212RC, CUE1616RC, CUE1616RCA, CUE18RC, CUE18RCA, CUE24RC, CUE45RC, CUE500RC, CUE60RC, CUE600RC, CWD052H, CWD068H, CWD084H, CWS053H, CWS053HA, CWS053HG, CWS066H, CWS066HG, DUO99RC, DUO912RC, DUO1212RC, DUO1414RC, GC24RCF, GC28RCF, GC28RCFA, GC30RCF, GCSGK18RCF, GCSGK24RCF, WIN24RC,